How do plants work so well at removing makeup vs. other traditional products?

We use a unique scientific process that is proprietary to our company. This process allows the plants to penetrate at a much deeper level than traditional products in the marketplace, making them more effective and healthier for our consumers.

Will this product work on removing lipstick and lip gloss?
Although not marketed for this application specifically, we’ve experienced a number of women who have successfully used ExNatura for this purpose.

How long will a bottle of ExNatura last me?
Every customer’s usage is different based on the amount of makeup applied, how many areas of the face it’s applied to, whether or not it is waterproof makeup, etc. Typically, one bottle of ExNatura should last between 30-45 days based on testing done by our team. In many instances, it will last far longer.

Where can I find your products?
Currently, we only sell our products online. We are actively seeking retail locations, nationwide, to carry ExNatura Makeup Remover. Additional locations will be added to our website when we have confirmation.

I like scented products. Why don’t you put fragrances in your makeup remover?
Fragrances contain toxins which then get absorbed into your skin and bloodstream. We have looked into adding essential oils, but have found that some women have allergic reactions to these oils. To keep ExNatura as pure as possible, we’ve opted not to use either of these additives into our products.

Why do you have a spray nozzle instead of a pour over bottle?
ExNatura is extremely powerful! Because of its strength, we’ve added a spray nozzle to ensure our customers are not wasting any solution. Traditional pour-over bottles tend to waste a lot of product because the cotton ball/pad soaks it up like a sponge. Only a few sprays from the nozzle are necessary to effectively remove your makeup.

Where are your ingredients sourced?
All of our ingredients are sourced in the USA. Our production facility is also in the USA.

Do you conduct product testing on animals?
We are a cruelty-free company and test on humans only! (animals don’t wear makeup)

You’ve listed that ExNatura contains no parabens or carcinogens. What are these?
Parabens are classified as a preservative. They are fairly common in most cosmetic products (upwards of 85%). Carcinogens may increase the risk of cancer by altering cellular metabolism. We do not put either of these additives into our products for the safety and health of our consumers.

I have brittle eyelashes, and have noticed after using your product for a while that my eyelashes have grown in fuller. Why is this?
We do not make any claims or guarantees this will happen, but many women have noticed this benefit. With traditional makeup removers, there's typically residual makeup left behind (even a minimal amount) which tends to clog pores. ExNatura penetrates  at a molecular level deep enough to remove all makeup layers. Please let us know if you experience this benefit.

I really like to use wipes. Do you have these available for purchase?
We will be releasing ExNatura in a wipe format in the near future. Many women enjoy the convenience of a wipe, and we have received countless requests for this.