I gave the makeup remover a try a few different times, and I have to say it’s pretty awesome! I expected it to not be as powerful because it’s plant-based, and my assumption was that plant-based products just can't perform as well, but that wasn't the case at all. It took my waterproof eyeliner and mascara off with just one pass of the cotton ball! I kept my eyes closed so I didn't experience any burning... and normally with regular makeup remover, even with my eyes closed, it still burns; but this didn't do that. It wasn't oily or greasy feeling. It left my face feeling fresh and clean after removing my makeup. The scent wasn't terrible. I didn't really notice much of a scent at all (which I liked). I'm not a fan of putting something that smells all “foofy” on my face. I liked the spray nozzle on it. I thought it made it easier to control how much I was putting on my cotton ball so I wasn't wasting any. Also, I sprayed it on my fingertips to wash them off real quick after doing my makeup which I liked. I always get eyeliner on my fingertips and normally have to scrub them with soap, but I liked being able to just spray them real quick and wipe them off that way. Wipes would be an awesome way to go too... just for the convenience! Definitely keep a spray bottle option though. It really is a great product!
Jessica D.

Your product works really well! Waterproof products came off so well too. It didn't sting or anything around my eyes - which is a definite plus. I've been wearing a lot of glitter to work lately, for the holiday season, and it took most of that off too. Glitter is always the toughest because it doesn't melt away like regular makeup does. My lashes aren't generally very brittle but they definitely feel in tip-top shape! Thanks so much. You have a great product!
Noelle F.

I tried your makeup remover and I have to say it worked very well, and here is my feedback:

Night #1 - I put a little too much on the washcloth and I could feel the liquid seep past my eyelids into my eyes, and I have to admit I got nervous thinking it was going to burn.  I was pleasantly surprised that it had no effect on my eyes whatsoever!
Night #2 -  I chose not to use it to compare the difference in how my mascara was removed.  With just the use of my regular soap, (Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash) I still had mascara on my eyelashes the following morning.
Night #3 - I used your product to remove my mascara before bed, and the next morning I noticed that there was no residual mascara left on my eyelashes.  It was like I had baby eyelashes!

Overall, I was pleased with how the remover worked. It was not oily and did not leave my skin feeling dry. If I have to give a negative comment I would have to say that I did not like the odor. It was not overpowering, but it had a slightly odd scent.
Lisa B.

We want to let you know that we both tried the make up remover and loved it! The only recommendation we have is, if you could make it have a fragrance. The after smell is a little different. But other than that, it does not leave our skin oily... and it works very, very good!
Heather S. & Cammie

The sample of the makeup remover I had received was very satisfying! Other removers that I had tried prior to this seemed to be very oily, and burned my eyes when taking off hard-to-remove mascara or eye liners. ExNatura plant-based product did not leave an oily residue, and did not burn my eyes at all.  Not to mention, the product was odor-free and extremely effective. Just to put the product to the test, I wrote with permanent marker on my skin, and within seconds of holding the remover against the mark it had vanished instantly! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.
Megan A.

I have now used the makeup remover three times and have consistently been impressed by how well it removes my mascara! Not to mention the rest of my normal makeup: liquid foundation, blush, and eye liner. I used flat, circular cotton balls which worked very well to remove everything. I am just so glad you gave me this sample. Thank you so much and best of luck with this new product!
Virginia M.

I used your makeup remover and it worked really well. I use quite a bit of makeup on a daily basis and it took everything off without a problem! It didn't burn or leave any oily residue on my skin. I would definitely buy this product and love that it is used with natural ingredients. Thank you so much for the sample and good luck!
Molly H.